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Susan deCaussin, Mike deCaussin, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Siwa Murti, Reiki, Reflexology, Spiritual Guidance

Susan deCaussin, Reiki & Readings, Certified Reiki Practitioner, Psychic, Medium, Writer, Inspired Speaker

Regular Office Hours:

*Monday-Friday 10:00am - 7:00pm

Saturday appointments upon request

*We flex our days and hours of operation

to accommodate the needs of our clients. 


Susan deCaussin
Mike deCaussin

Clinical Hypnotherapist,

Reiki Master/Teacher,

Siwa Murti Practitioner/Teacher,

Ordained Minister, Intuitive 

Reiki Master/Teacher,

Siwa Murti Practitioner/Teacher

For more information, a free consultation, and to schedule appointments 

Call: 248.759.6486

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About Susan...

Susan deCaussin received certification as a Clinical Hypnotherapist through the Clinical Hypnosis Institute (CHI) - the only hypnosis school in Michigan that is state licensed to teach and certify individuals both as Certified Hypnotherapists (CHt) and Certified Medical Hypnotherapists (CMHt). She adds this powerful healing tool to years of working with clients as a Spiritual Advisor, Reiki Master/Teacher (Usui Ryoho method) and an accomplished Intuitive.

Susan was also trained in the ancient healing art of Siwa Murti.  She, and her husband Mike, are the first two practitioners to bring this powerful healing modality to the Midwest part of the U.S.  She traveled to Bali, Indonesia in early 2020 where she was formally initiated and received further training from her Master Teacher, Dr. Ratu Nabe, in a Balinese Hospital. Since returning to the states, Susan provides hands-on healing sessions in her Troy, Michigan office as well as remote sessions, using online video services and photographs. Susan and Mike offer training in this ancient healing art in order to build a strong community of powerful and compassionate healers around the globe. To learn more about Siwa Murti, click HERE


Susan deCaussin

Additionally, Susan teaches self-empowerment classes, facilitates support group meetings, is an author, an Inspired Speaker, produced her own meditation CD, and has a diverse business background. She's built a portfolio of contacts, life experiences and perspectives that she applies to each one of her writings, teachings and guidance sessions.

About Mike ...


Mike is also an accomplished Reiki Master/Teacher, trained in the Usui Shiki Ryoho method.  He also received training in the ancient healing art of Siwa Murti.  Mike was formally initiated as a Level 4 Practitioner, by his Master Teacher Dr. Ratu Nabe in Bali, Indonesia in early 2020.  He is now offering full body healing sessions in the Troy, Michigan office location and remote healing sessions, using photographs and online video platforms.  Mike is also sharing his healing knowledge and skills through the Healing Methods Siwa Murti Training program. To Learn more about Siwa Murti, click HERE.

Mike deCaussin also studied Clinical Reflexology, of the hands and feet, at the prestigious Branch Reflexology School in Okemos, Michigan.  As a past Firefighter/EMT (Emergency Medical Technician), his in-depth knowledge of human anatomy, coupled with a strong connection to universal energy, offers his clients a powerful healing experience. 

Mike deCaussin

Our Healing Philosophy

"The human body was created with the ability to heal itself and maintain a state of well-being.  Our bodies are the vehicles that our souls animate and energize during this journey we call life. Throughout the journey, our physical bodies are exposed to toxins that can create energetic blocks. These blocks then interrupt the energy flow, causing dis-ease, chronic pain, and illness.


Toxins are essentially forms of energy, and they can come from many different sources: what we breathe; eat & drink; the products we use on our skin & hair; over the counter & prescription drugs; and even negative thoughts & thought patterns.  Yes. Thoughts are energetic and they are one of the biggest culprits for causing and contributing to physical ailments.


That said, we believe that while there are times when allopathic medicine (such as emergency care, surgeries, or pain control) is needed, many (if not most) issues can be resolved by addressing energetic blocks within the body which are a result of environmental and emotional toxins.


The variety of modalities at Healing Methods provide several different approaches to healing the body, mind and spirit – releasing infirmity and maintaining a state of well-being.


We envision a future which will embrace “integrative” medicine – a comfortable combination of both allopathic and energy techniques - and are committed to not only offering our services to those in need of healing, but training future energy Practitioners as well."    Susan & Mike deCaussin

Healing Methods ®

Susan deCaussin, CHt & Mike deCaussin

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