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Siwa Murti (Balinese Healing) Classes

from Healing Methods 

Now Enrolling
for Fall Class!

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Healing Methods is now offering training in the Balinese Energy Healing modality known as Siwa Murti (aka Shiva Murti). Susan and Mike deCaussin brought this ancient healing method from Bali, Indonesia to Michigan in 2020. And, now, with the blessing of their Master Teacher, are building a community of healers. with their 6 week training program.


A spring class is currently underway. The upcoming fall class will be held on 6 consecutive Saturdays from Sept. 18 through October 23 . Class time is 1-3 Eastern Time/12-2 Central Time/10-12 Pacific Time. 

Interested individuals can reserve a spot with a $100 deposit. Class size will be limited to 10 in order to provide a personalized learning experience.

To inquire about the upcoming class, please email, text or call Susan at, (248) 759-6486, or click HERE to reach us.

Options are available for in-person as well as on-line/remote students. 

***Those interested in enrolling in the Siwa Murti training course will be provided an application form, upon request.

Next Meeting:

Thursday, July 15 from 7-9pm Eastern Time

via the online Zoom video app

Lightworker Support Group

Are you a Lightworker? Have you been drawn to a healing path in life? Many Lightworkers are prone to anxious feelings; they may see, hear and sense things that are beyond the physical realm; and, they may have an insatiable appetite for all topics surrounding Spirituality.  Monthly meetings, with like-minded individuals are being held online utilizing the Zoom application, that can help you find answers. It's a safe, judgment free environment that provides clarity, mutual support and an opportunity to build new friendships.


You'll gain a deeper understanding of who you are, what gifts you possess and how to continue developing those gifts. For updates on this group,  go to the Healing Methods LLC Facebook page or join the Lightworker Support Group on the Body Mind Spirit Network (  It's  a social network for Spiritual individuals, from the creators of the Body Mind Spirit Guide magazine.  If you have questions or would like further information, reach out to Susan using the CONTACT page or call her at 248-759-6486.  Feel free to share with like-minded friends!

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