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Learn Siwa Murti
Balinese Healing

Mike and Susan deCaussin offer training in the ancient healing modality known as Siwa Murti (aka Shiva Murti).  This class is for those who desire to perform healing on themselves, friends & family, and/or offer healing sessions to clients. 

With Siwa Murti, energetic blocks are identified in the body, broken up and eliminated, then replaced with energy which accelerates the body’s natural healing process, making it substantially more powerful than other energy balancing/healing practices.

This is a truly a unique opportunity to be instructed by two certified and experienced Siwa Murti Practitioners who were trained and initiated by Master Teacher Dr. Ratu Nabe at the Siwa Murti Bali School in Bali, Indonesia.  

Susan and Mike deCaussin brought this ancient healing method from Indonesia to Michigan in 2020. And, with the blessing of their Master Teacher, they are now building a community of healers.  They currently have graduates of their class successfully practicing Siwa Murti across the U.S. and in several countries around the world!

The Winter training session is currently underway. Advance registration is now open for the Spring class which is scheduled to begin on Saturday, April 13, at 12:00pm Eastern Time.  Training consists of six individual, 2-hour modules. Individual tutoring sessions are available, at no extra cost, for those who aren't available to attend the group training dates, are located in different time zones, or have complex schedules to work around. Students are welcomed to join the classses in person (at our Troy, Michigan office location) OR virtually via Zoom teleconferencing. 

Class size is limited to 10 students, to provide a more personalized learning experience.  Interested individuals may hold a spot in any upcoming classes with a small deposit.  We pride ourselves on offering affordable classes with ongoing support following course completion.  For more about Siwa Murti click HERE. To register, call Healing Methods at (248) 759-6486 or email  

Actual Student Testimonials

Sophia J.

Auckland, New Zealand

"I recently completed Siwa Murti Training with Susan and Mike. From the outset it was a great experience. I live in New Zealand and was thrilled when they said they could accommodate the time difference and do a private course. The course itself was really informative, well paced, had excellent hand outs, and they made me feel supported every step of the way. They have introduced me to other healers in their community via Zoom and have continued to support me post-training. I highly recommend them and this course!"

Timberly Williams

Healing Methods ®

Susan deCaussin, CHt & Mike deCaussin

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