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Universal Awakening

By Susan deCaussin



There’s a true awakening that’s taking place in the world today, and it’s an amazing thing to witness. Almost every day I’m meeting people who are seeking answers as they journey toward their own personal enlightenment. Some have been seeing and sensing things, beyond the physical realm, for quite some time, and are wanting to understand the meaning behind those experiences. Others may have had general “knowings” about certain situations that they just couldn’t seem to explain. And, still others may have nothing more than a nagging drive to understand life, and the meaning of life, at a deeper level. These are all different rungs on the ladder of self-discovery and awakening.


Some may find these happenings to be nothing more than curious and thought-provoking, while others may be scared and confused – unsure of how to make sense of these new experiences, which may be leading them down new and intriguing paths.  The Universe is attempting to heal this planet, and all who call it home, by awakening us to our Divine connection to each other and our creator. In this process, we begin to identify more deeply with our higher selves and let go of the earthly possessions that many use to define their existence.


It excites me to know that so many people are being moved toward a greater understanding of their connection to Universal energy and desiring to open themselves to Spiritual guidance. Change, however, can be uncomfortable and a bit frightening. This shift forces us to think outside of the box and accept a new definition of reality.  However, the decision to go down this path of knowledge will provide great clarity and direction, that wouldn’t otherwise be found.


When you hear something for the first time, and immediately connect with it as being familiar and comforting, it drives you forward in an attempt to learn more. Personally, my life continues to take on new meaning and purpose every day, with each book I read, class I attend, and experience I have.  I continue to be blessed with a deeper understanding of life that resonates as Truth within my soul. As I fill with gratitude for these amazing revelations, I find myself aligning my thoughts and actions with these Truths, more and more with each passing day.


The great thing is that, when you start to see and understand the bigger picture of why we’re here and what life is all about, you begin to let go of the stressors associated with living a life in the physical; you slowly stop identifying with possessions and things that exist on this Earth plane; and, everything seems to become more meaningful, beautiful and effortless.


Like a hand animates a glove, our spirit animates our physical body. When our time is done and we transition back to spirit, the knowledge we’ve attained and the lessons we’ve learned will remain with us. These are the things that we should endeavor to collect during our time here on Earth. I use this line of thinking whenever I’m faced with a fork in the road and unsure of which direction to take. Knowing that I will eventually transition to the other side without luggage, I steer toward the path that will enrich my soul and not my bank account, understanding that the Universe will provide all that I need.


The initial steps in the process of awakening will begin to change how the world sees you. Friends and family may not understand, and may choose to take a step back. They may not be ready to join you on this journey, but you won’t be travelling alone, by any means. There are many of us who are willing and able to support you along the way.


If you or someone you know is at a place of wanting to step outside of the box and understand a new reality, luckily there are numerous resources by which you can do so. There are many opportunities, in the Metro Detroit area, to interact with others through lectures, classes, services and activities that can assist in your spiritual unfoldment. Some of those resources can be identified in this wonderful publication.  I encourage you to reach out to myself, or others who have walked, and continue to walk, this path of discovery, if you are seeking to better understand your life path, your connection to Spirit, and your role in healing this planet.


When you’re able to gain a new perspective, life will take on greater meaning, clarity will follow, and you’ll be able to see each day as another opportunity to grow in wisdom and love.

Copyright 2017

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Susan deCaussin, CHt & Mike deCaussin

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