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Health & Wellness Expo

Featured Speakers

10:30 - Rev. Timothy Steensma

Rev Timothy will explain & remove examples of Etheric Energy Blocks during his discussion that occur due to depression, sadness, panic & anxiety, drama/ trauma/ chaos, and other low vibrational thoughts & feelings. See how these situations block the flow to & within us from Source, and what energetically can be done towards them.


11:15 - Chrissie Blaze

Healing Secrets of the Mother Earth - Science now confirms the Earth is a living, breathing intelligence. Chrissie, author of Earth, will teach mystic secrets to connect us to our divine Mother, to heal and protect us and transform our lives.  Chrissie Blaze is an international speaker, author of 12 books, healer and priest at The Aetherius Society.


11:40 - Bonnie Watson

Understanding the Mind-Body Connection for Better Health and Healing - With a deeper knowledge and insight into the Mind-Body Connection, we can change our thoughts and actions, so that they always work to our benefit and not against our well-being. Bonnie Watson is a healer, healing instructor and healing administrator at The Aetherius Society.


12:30 - Susan deCaussin, CHt

Learn about the many benefits of Clinical Hypnotherapy from Susan deCaussin CHt.   The benefits reach far beyond smoking cessation and overcoming fears & phobias.  Susan will explain the many uses of Hypnotherapy and invite the audience to participate in a relaxation hypnosis which will leave them feeling refreshed and regenerated. 


1:15 - Lisa Jesswein

Do you ever wonder if Spirit (angels, guides, loved ones, etc…) have a special way of “talking” to you?  They do!  Join Psychic Medium Lisa Jesswein as she tells her story of 30 plus years of communicating with Spirit through various signs, signals and games.  There will also be a table tipping demonstration.  Never heard of that form of divination?  Great!  Stop by and explore!


2:00 - April Ellenburg

Unity was founded on principles of prayer and healing by Myrtle and Charles Fillmore.  In 1886, Myrtle walked away from an E. B. Weeks lecture with inspiration of this Truth: “I am a child of God and therefore I do not inherit sickness.” Using this powerful Truth, Myrtle went on to heal herself of tuberculosis and was inspired, along with her husband, to share their healing experiences with others. April Ellenburg, a Licensed Unity Teacher, will share some of these principles & practices that we can implement in our own lives.


2:45 - Ellen Cusin

Gut Health Matters!  How the health of our gut affects the rest of our body. Learn how to reset your gut health - simple daily steps.

Included in the $5 admission price!

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Susan deCaussin, CHt & Mike deCaussin

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