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The Energy of Thoughts

by Susan deCaussin


Why is it that when people speak about the concept of manifesting their own reality, everyone immediately goes to imagining a big pile of money dropping onto the table in front of them in a giant poof of smoke?!  Why do we expect a big production to occur when we start down the path of living the Law of Attraction?  The actual truth to living a happier and more successful life is much simpler than most people know.

It’s not necessary to take expensive workshops, read hundreds of books, or spend endless hours trying to reach new levels of consciousness in meditation, in order to have a happy, fulfilled life.  You have every tool you need. 

Happiness and success are within reach for everyone…yes, everyone…regardless of the circumstances surrounding their lot in life.  Think about this if you will: Mother Teresa had no stockpile of wealth, no mansion or sports cars, no personal trainer or life coach, yet she was not only content with her life, she was grateful for the opportunity to be of such great service to others.  If you look around you each day, you’ll see people just like her.  Folks that find joy in everything they do, every day!  She lived in joy, seeing the power of always directing ones attention toward the good in all things.  There’s a beautiful quote from her that goes like this: “I was once asked why I don't participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I'll be there.” That quote very powerfully demonstrates that Mother Teresa understood the importance of not giving energy to anything that isn’t of a positive nature.

We’re all walking bundles of energy.  When we direct our attention toward any person or thing, we’re choosing to give some of our energy away.  If we spend our time thinking about wars, disease, and drama, we are literally throwing fuel on the fire by feeding our energy to that situation.  If we, like Mother Teresa, carefully choose to place our thoughts, time, and talents on that which embraces the positive, we can shift our entire perspective on life.  In fact, we can collectively raise the vibration of the planet, in a very healing way, by carefully deciding where to direct our energy.

Many people consider the term “free will” to be an almost selfish condition that empowers us to stray from an intended path.  In every situation, we choose how to react. The moment we decide, without even realizing it, we begin setting the course for the outcome of the event. While free will does empower us, it’s our personal choices that set the course for what lay ahead.

It’s like laying down track for a train set.  When you decide which way you’re going to go on an issue, how you’re going to react, and where you’re going to direct your energy, (whether you know it or not) you’ve chosen a definite path and a specific set of possible outcomes.  Once that track is laid, a certain chain of events begin to unfold in perfect response to your expectations.  Can the course be altered?  Yes.  Every life can change direction, but change can be quite unsettling and difficult.  Why not make a conscious choice, before the first piece of train track is placed, to manifest a joyful life by deciding to focus on the good in all things?  THAT is true free will!  This doesn’t mean that your life will be problem free, but instead, you’ll be able to happily embrace everything that comes your way by seeing and highlighting the good.  When you change your perspective, you alter your reality.

Battles are tiring and they waste precious resources.  When faced with daily situations, make decisions that will support positive outcomes.  Choose to react in loving, non-confrontational ways and know that by doing so you’re giving energy to sustain and grow more goodness in the world.  Remember, thoughts become things, so make sure to carefully choose to surround yourself with only the highest and best.

Copyright 2016

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Susan deCaussin, CHt & Mike deCaussin

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