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By Susan deCaussin


Things. So many things. How is it that we are lovingly placed on this planet wearing absolutely nothing, and eventually transition back to our Spiritual home with the same amount of baggage, but we are seemingly in a continual race, the entire time we’re here, to acquire more and more things?

Obviously, some “things” could be considered necessary…such as warm clothing, especially if you live in Michigan. But, seriously, how much of what we have, or want, is really necessary to live a happy and fulfilled life? How can we find a balance between living a full life in the physical without becoming dependent on the things that distract us from the connection to our higher self?

All too often, when we hear people talk about reducing or scaling back, our minds immediately go to the extreme case scenario and we begin to push back on any suggestions of change. For example, if someone mentions a diet, an image of eating nothing but raw celery may come to mind. The thought of cutting back on social media may conjure and image of a manual typewriter and a rotary phone. If we think about minimalizing our wardrobe, we might imagine clothing that’s grey, and utilitarian. You get the idea. The point I’d like to make is that by investing our money, time and energy into “things”, we’re unconsciously giving away our power to them and therefore surrendering our ability to be happy and complete without them. I’m certain that’s not our intention, but it’s the end result nonetheless.

Many people may ask, “Why bother? Why bother going through the arduous task of purging what we have and limiting our drive to acquire more stuff? How could this make an impact on our current state of well-being?” Well, as I mentioned earlier, everything is energy – our actions, thoughts, and even our money. So, when we decide to expend any of those energies toward acquiring something, we’re surrendering a bit of our power to it. We’re saying, in essence, that we’re not complete without that item being in our life. 

However, when we liberate ourselves from the need to have the latest and greatest device, outfit, home, vacation or car, we are indirectly saying that we accept ourselves as being perfectly complete without those things and we are freed to expend our actions, intentions and monies on the things that will bring us Spiritual growth and rewards. Because those are the things that you can, and will, take with you when you return home.

When we free ourselves from trying to keep up with the latest and greatest item on the market, we are sending a subconscious message to our soul that WE are enough. We don’t need to depend on things from the outside to make us feel complete and whole on the inside. We are empowered to manifest whatever we need to lead a fulfilling life.

Now, I’m not suggesting that everyone move into a tiny home on wheels and raise their own chickens for food, but I AM suggesting that we all could benefit from taking a look at what we have already given power to in our lives and determine if that’s helping or hindering us from gaining & growing in our Spiritual wisdom during our time here in the physical.

True joy and peace comes from feeling complete, in every way, with who you are, where you’re going and what you’re doing, without being dependent upon anything outside of yourself, and holding on to lots of “stuff” is saying that you need these earthbound items to complete who you are.

You are a perfect and divine creation of God. Everything you need, God has given you and continues to give you through the loving guidance you receive each and every day.  When that voice from inside becomes quiet, it may be a signal to you that your life has become too noisy, which has clouded your connection to Source.  Take advantage of those moments to disconnect from the world around you and reconnect to the Source of all Being.  Remove yourself from the clutter and allow your mind to become receptive to the words of Spirit once again. Make daily meditation time an important part of your schedule, for it is only in those moments of silence that the voice of guidance can be clearly heard.

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Susan deCaussin, CHt & Mike deCaussin

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