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The Magic of Sedona

In early November, I attended the Celebrate Your Life Conference in Sedona, AZ. The event was held at the Enchantment Resort, which happens to be built on an energy vortex. My husand Mike and I spent several days absorbing the amazing energy of the land, the speakers and the wonderful people who attended from across the globe.

Take a look at the slide show below. Speakers at this event included Neale Donald Walsch, Dr. Joe Dispenza and Michael Bernard Beckwith, to name just a few.

Having graduated from the Shiva Murti Healing Academy just a couple of weeks prior to this trip, I had a chance to try out this amazing healing modality on several attendees of the conference. The powerful energy of Shiva Murti, coupled with the palpable energy of the vortex, caused my hands to emit an unbelievable electrical charge. The powerful energy provided healing to people suffering with everything from a torn meniscus, to carpal tunnel syndrome. It was truly a magical and mystical experience! I cannot wait to further my training with the Shiva Murti when we travel to Bali in early 2020 to continue our studies in a Balinese Hospital with our Master Teacher. In the meantime, I'm combining my new skills with years of practicing Reiki to offer my clients an unparalleled healing experience.

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