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Susan deCaussin, Mike deCaussin, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Siwa Murti, Reiki, Reflexology, Spiritual Guidance

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A journey into new realms of healing.

As an energy worker, I've been intrigued for years with the variety of alternative and integrative healing modalities. After seeing a documentary on Gaia television entitled "6th Floor: Expanding Possibility, my husband Mike and I were beyond intrigue and needed to find out more. This particular healing art is known as Shiva Murti and it orginated in Bali, Indonesia. We reached out to the only teacher of this Balinese healing technique located in the United States, who is featured in the documentary we had watched. Her name is Candace Silvers and she is a Behavioral Expert, owner of a lifestyle coaching firm in Los Angeles, California, and the owner of the Shiva Murti Healing Academy.

After several conversations, we were invited to participate in the next class. Since it was being offered in Los Angeles, we were provided the opportunity to attend class from our home in Michigan, using live streaming through our computer. Although we really weren't completely sure of what we had gotten into, we knew that somehow the synchronicity of the events which led up to this opportunity were drawing us in the right direction. Over the 8 weeks that followed, we came to learn that this was not simply a mechanical technique to be utilized when needed, but a lifelong devotion that builds a powerful connection to healing energy.

On October 12, 2019, we graduated the Academy! This was only the second class of students who are now trained to practice Shiva Murti in the United States. Of the 35 practitioners who have graduated from the Academy, the majority of them are located in the Los Angeles area. Mike and I were selected as ambassadors to bring this amazing healing modality to the state of Michigan. We will now move into the next step of our training process by travelling to Bali, Indonesia, in several months, to meet and learn from our Master Teacher, Ratu Nabe'. Upon our return, we'll be offering Shiva Murti at the Healing Methods office in Troy. Until then, we are strengthening our skills by working on family and close friends. I look forward to sharing updates along this amazing journey in healing.

2019 Shiva Murti Healing Academy graduates. We're on the laptop in the center of the group!

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