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Juice Plus+

Whole Food Nutrition

Now being offered
through Healing Methods...


Your best protection against illness is a strong immune system.  And, without proper nutrition, your body lacks the fuel it needs to avoid dis-ease and maintain a state of wellness.


All too often we miss out on a healthy, balanced diet due to our fast-paced lifestyles and nutrient deficient food sources. Juice Plus+ provides nutritional benefits that will help to bridge the gap between what your body needs and what you're actually feeding it. 

Carried in 27 countries, this product is NSF Certified for purity and is backed by over 40 individual clinical studies at leading hospitals and universities around the world.  

"Product purity is important to us, in our food choices as well as our nutritional supplements. We choose natural, organic products whenever those options are available. That's why we were initially drawn to Juice Plus. With NSF Certification, which exceeds organic certifciation, Juice Plus products are tested at every stage of growth, harvest, production and packaging to ensure they meet and exceed strict guidelines for quality and safety. There are no hidden ingredients and no additives, making this an actual food product. It's even labeled as a food product."   Susan deCaussin

Getting the proper amount of fruits and vegetables into you diet each day can be an insurmountable challenge.


Juice Plus+ offers a variety of products which deliver plant-based, nutrient-dense nutrition, including capsules, gummies, shake mixes and bars.  


Their products are delivered directly to your home, so good nutrition couldn't be any easier!

Check out this video to hear about the different products that are available.

"Your body was made with the natural ability to heal itself and remain healthy. When it comes to healing, we see food as medicine. And, when you properly fuel your body, it's able to do what it was created to do!"  Mike deCaussin

Click THIS LINK for testimonials from more than 2 dozen medical doctors and professionals

who explain why they recommend Juice Plus in their practices. 

All products can be ordered directly from the Juice Plus+ website,  by clicking HERE,

or we're happy to assist you in getting started!

Call us today!

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Susan deCaussin, CHt & Mike deCaussin

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