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Good Vibrations
by Susan deCaussin


When you fear the outcome, of any situation, you’re inadvertently creating a scenario in your mind. Each time your thoughts visit that newly-created scenario, you’re actually handing over your power to it - feeding it energy - energy that will ensure its manifestation. 

Imagery and visualization are tools that can be used to bring about the life you desire, in the current moment, and every moment that follows.

So often, we dwell on the "what if" scenarios in life, thinking that it will better equip us to avoid those things that we don't want.  However, by dwelling on the "what ifs" and formulating doomsday survival plans, we are placing ourselves into a state of perpetual panic. All of that energy is then sent out to the universe, and, in line with the law of attraction, becomes our reality. 

Knowing that YOU are ultimately responsible for your own happiness can be both encouraging and frustrating at the same time. But, this is the challenge of a life in the physical. Learning to look beyond the difficulties to focus on, and draw forth, goodness, by placing our attention on that which we want more of.

Short-term, it's easy to hold positive images and experience the supercharged emotions that come with already having what we desire. It's sustaining these thoughts, over a long period of time, which most people, including myself, seem to have trouble with. However, even in short spurts, when you increase the frequency of those positive thoughts and visualizations, you begin to strengthen your ability to sustain them, until you have successfully shifted to a higher vibration. This new vibration then attracts the goodness you desire, instead of more doomsday survival plans. 

Meditation is a great way to use imagery and visualization. When you remove yourself from distractions, it's much easier to hold on to those positive thoughts and images. Incorporating this new way of thinking into the rest of your day is just a matter of creating a habit.


As a child, I made a habit of brushing my teeth every morning and every night. As an adult, I don't even have to think about it. I simply can’t end my day without brushing my teeth. It’s automatic. So think of it this way, if you can make a habit of brushing your teeth, to avoid cavities, then why wouldn’t you choose to make a daily habit of visualizing a life filled with joy, when doing so will result in the abundance you desire?

Make a decision now to include times throughout your day when you’ll consciously work on retraining yourself to visualize the best version of your life. Set reminders, if necessary, to spend time each day creating the thoughts and emotions, that will bring about the life you want, by elevating yourself to a higher vibration. After a while, like brushing your teeth, not only will you not need reminders, but your day will feel incomplete without these periods of positive visualization.

Something that I do, to sustain good thoughts, is to purposely listen to uplifting recordings. They help me to stay in that positive mindset, while strengthening my ability to achieve this state for longer periods of time.

One thing I do know is that it’s nearly impossible to have bad thoughts while smiling. So, during times of quiet reflection, and throughout the day, practice maintaining a soft smile on your face. Doing so will help to place your mood in a joyful state, which will supercharge your visualizations.

Finally, feeling worthy of a blessed life is essential to experiencing one.  Know that you are a unique emanation of the Divine Spirit and begin to create a life that is free of fear and focused on abundance.

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