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Excess Baggage
by Susan deCaussin


Life provides each of us with the opportunity to grow at a soul level. It’s a learning experience.  We’re meant to hit stumbling blocks along the way in order to more clearly illuminate the right path.  Each challenge provides opportunities to connect with others who, like us, are also seeking answers. 


Occasionally, those interactions can bring out some not-so-favorable behaviors.  And, because we are all love at the core of our being, acting in a manner other than that, pulls us out of balance.  When we lie, cheat or hurt others, it negatively impacts us as well. We end up taking on the baggage of anger, denial and guilt for our actions. Forcing us to replay those negative moments in our minds.  Pulling us away from the freedom to enjoy the only thing that really matters - being fully present in the now. 


Think about it. If you hurt someone with your words or actions, yes, they are victimized, but you’re left holding onto that guilt like a piece of baggage. Carrying it with you, everywhere you go. After years of treating others with unkind actions, or simply ignoring the needs of others, that piece of baggage that you're dragging through life, becomes a full set of luggage. Everytime you revisit those moments, the emotions surface again, keeping you stuck in the past, unable to move forward.


However, when everything you say, do and think comes from a place of unconditional love, you release the need to rethink and rehash the past. You’re at peace with yourself and able to live fully in the present moment.  You can't change past behaviors but, while there's still breath in your body, there's always a way to heal the wounds and move forward in a new way.


Mending fences by apologizing, is one easy way to release the guilt. If apologies aren’t possible, you can still let go of those feelings, and make reparations for your actions by resolving to serve the needs of others, from this point forward.


Perhaps your inability to let go of the past has to do with something that was done to you. You still have the option to release those negative emotions. It’s called forgiveness. If holding onto a past transgression from another person, causes you to miss out on being fully present, you’re choosing to withhold healing from yourself. Forgiveness is not about condoning the bad behavior of others, it's about empowering yourself to move beyond it.  By doing so, you are releasing the excess baggage from your life which is not serving you in a positive way.  Remember, holding onto anger doesn't punish the other person, it only punishes you.


Live a clean life. Not just by eating organic foods, exercising, and drinking plenty of water. Live a clean life by always acting from a place of pure love, in all that you say, think and do. This will align you with your highest self. And, that which we are in alignment with, brings us more of the same.

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