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by Susan deCaussin


Change can be scary. Whenever you find your life moving toward something new and unknown, it can understandably feel uncomfortable. Therefore, many people have a tough time seeing change in a positive light. Nevertheless, we all must learn to embrace new things or surrender to living in a perpetual state of fear.  And, nobody wants to live each day being fearful of the next.

As they say, “The only thing constant in life is change.”  And, since each of us is an accumulation of every life experience we’ve ever had, WE are constantly changing as well.

I’m sure that each of you can think of several times when life threw you a curve ball and you were able to confidently hit it out of the park.  On the other hand, I’m sure you’ve all faced situations that caused you to fall flat on your face. In either case, whether you know it or not, you learned valuable lessons that will undoubtedly affect every decision you made from this point forward.

When we release the thought that change is somehow negative and, instead, make an effort to understand the wonderful opportunities it provides, we begin to find ourselves in the natural flow of life. It starts by understanding that change is inevitable, regardless of how you choose to react to it. So, by altering the way that you react to new and different things, you are setting the tone for how life will unfold for you – either positively or negatively.

I like to think of it as buoyancy – having the ability to move with the flow of life around you. To reach this state of being, you have to trust the Universe enough to surrender the need to control, and keep constant, everything in your life. Remember, life happens in Divine Order and the only thing we truly can control is how we decide to react to it. Once you release the thought that all change is bad and embrace the buoyancy of living in the flow, things become simpler.

I used to train dogs several years ago and ran across a lot of dog owners who felt that placing limits on their pets was somehow being mean and unfair to them. But, they weren’t really seeing it from the dog’s perspective. When the dog understands that you’re in charge of the household, it actually gives them the message that they don’t have to fend for themselves. They’re free to enjoy their life without begging for food or standing guard at the front door. They understand that their needs are being met and you are the one who takes care of everything else – you are in control. This may be a crude representation, but it kind of illustrates what I’m talking about. When we release things, and trust that the Universe will always provide for our needs, we’re free to let go of the worry that they won’t work out and can live fully in the joy of the moment. How many times have you heard people say, “I want to come back as a dog, they’ve got it so easy!”  Why do you suppose that is? Why are dogs so happy-go-lucky all of the time? It’s because dogs, and all of God’s creatures, seem so much better than us at living in the moment and letting go of the rest.

Take some time to think about how freeing it would be to release the fear of change, trust in Divine Order and see all life changes for the positive lessons they contain. Then, use that energy to be more present and enjoy the opportunity to live completely and fully in every single moment of each and every day! Choose to live in the effortless flow of life.

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