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Be What You Want to See



If you want to see the world around you become better, kinder, more generous and sensitive to the needs of others, you have to “be what you want to see”. 


When we are confronted with negative situations, our first reaction is to criticize, condemn and reject them as not being in alignment with what we are seeking and want to see around us.  Don’t allow your thoughts to gravitate toward greed, anger and hate when you witness this in others.  Nothing positive will occur and no shift is made possible when we stand in judgement of that which doesn’t fall in line with the world we want to create.  The energy of those thoughts will feed the situation, not diffuse it. 


Instead, find love and compassion when you witness darkness.  Be the source of illumination that turns those people and situations around by offering positive words and actions.  This will shift the energy to a higher vibration.


Compassion is the true definition of living in peace and harmony with each other, and it’s so simple to do.  Sharing a smile, an encouraging word, or offering your time are easy ways to practice compassion in your daily life.  Remember that everything we put out into the world –positive or negative – will contribute toward the act of manifesting the reality we live in. 


As we strive to create a more harmonious and loving world for ourselves and generations to follow, it’s necessary to replace the urge to judge others with a desire to understand and assist. 


Love is boundless.  The only limits are self-imposed.  Open your heart and flood the darkness with light.  Don’t worry about the energy it takes to do this, because it will all be mirrored back to you, ten-fold, by the Universe.






September 10, 2015


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