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Dealing With Adversity


I’d like to talk to you about dealing with adversity and the day-to-day struggles of life. … something that everyone, without exception, has to face during their time here on Earth.   


One common thread amongst the most trying and difficult situations is the overwhelming feeling that there’s simply no way out.   Being so completely immersed in the moment that you’re totally incapable of seeing the “light at the end of the tunnel”.    We’ve all been there at some point or another.   But, then we see that after the crisis is over, the emotions have subsided, and we’ve had the time to reflect on what happened – we’ve changed.   We’re stronger, wiser and more sensitive when it comes to seeing others go through the same situations.


The trick to coping with life’s challenges has to do with our ability to see beyond them to the precious lessons we learn.   This may be easier said than done, but there actually are steps you can take to help with the process. 


At the time, when you’re knee deep in a tough situation, your first reaction is to say, “why me?” - “what did I do to deserve this?”.    We sometimes allow ourselves to take on the role of a victim and become hopeless when times get tough,  and when that remains unchanged for a period of time we begin to expect more of the same.  Without even knowing it,  we start attracting negative situations into our lives.  It’s the basic law of attraction. 


So,  the first step to coping with life’s challenges is to embrace adversity as you see it coming your way.   By examining situations from our past, we can identify how each of them helped us to grow stronger and more resilient.   Of course it’s always easier to see this after the storm has passed and our emotions have calmed down.   But, looking back and reflecting on the process,  you can begin to strengthen your faith in knowing that God has your back,  having a purpose behind each lesson in life.   The more you trust, and the stronger your faith becomes, the easier it will be to embrace the hard times as a divine gift from God.


Right now,  take a minute to  remember a challenging time from your past.   Something that happened many years ago, that you have now moved beyond.   A situation that,  at the time you were experiencing it, seemed to be completely overwhelming.   Perhaps it was the loss of a loved one,  or a financial crisis,  or even a situation of betrayal by someone you trusted.   Think back to how that felt.   The heaviness you experienced…the feeling of total helplessness that left you convinced that you’d never be able to recover and move forward.   Now, fast forward to today.  When you reflect on that event in your life,  I have no doubt that each of you will find how it strengthened your spirit, deepened your faith and taught you valuable life lessons.   Even if you can’t place your finger on what the exact lesson was,  you somehow know that it helped your spirit to evolve and become enriched.


That takes us to the next step in the process.  Now that you have identified that challenges are a necessary and positive part of our life journey, you now need to train yourself to be thankful for these bumps in the road. 


Take a moment to realize that you are a gift from God – created perfect in his eyes.  Since we are all a small piece of that Divine light, it’s important that you are able to look in the mirror and love who you are.  Truly love who you are.  Now, once you’ve reached the point of openly loving the person you are today, you need to realize that everything you’ve experienced in life, up to this point, has made you who you are.  Not just the happy and joyful times….but the trying and challenging ones as well.  So, if you truly love who you are, then you have no choice but to openly embrace all of the life events – good and bad – that you’ve been a part of.  Without each one of them, like pieces of a puzzle, you would not be the complete person that you are – and, afterall, you love who you are, right?


I’ll admit…..this takes practice.  Just like running a marathon,  you have to work your way up to it over time.   It’s not easy to look at the betrayal of a friend or an abusive situation and openly embrace it with love and acceptance, but I promise you this….when you do, not only will it feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off your shoulders, but you’ll find yourself anticipating challenging times with a level of excitement over what lessons you’ll learn and how you will grow closer to becoming the all loving, all giving spirit we all strive to be.





June 6, 2014

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