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Glance Back Before Looking Forward


Was your 2014 filled with good health, prosperity, love and happiness?  Do you look back thinking about all you’ve experienced and want to shake the dust from your shoes and hold hope that 2015 will be an easier year for you?  Before you answer that, I have some situations for you to ponder. 


If someone escapes a tragic car accident, that came close to causing them horrific injury, but destroyed their car, would that person see it as a positive or a negative life event?  What about the family who was unable to save a dime in the past year, and had to dip dramatically into their small savings account to keep the lights on and food on the table each day.  Would they consider this a victory or a senseless struggle?  And, how about the person who is still searching for a partner in life?  Would they look back and remember all of the loneliness they experienced, or would they reflect on the love they received from their family and friends?


When I look back at 2014, my first response is that it was the BEST year of my life!  So, as I sat down to write this blog, I wanted to reflect on WHY I felt so strongly that the past year was so amazing, and then decided to share this revelation with you.

Surprisingly, I was once again taught a valuable lesson about “perspective”.   Upon close observation, it’s quite possible for me to write two very distinctly different stories about my life journey over the past year…and, I’m guessing, you could find the same to be true for you.


My year included: a change in faith, after a lifetime of only knowing one religion; a change in job status – actually several changes – that had me running in many different directions; the unexpected loss of several dear friends and family members, who were still in the prime years of their lives; a career change for my husband, after 35 years of corporate life, leaving us without health insurance, a company car, and other amenities; and, we found ourselves learning to live on an income that was, without question, the lowest of our 34 years together.  Would you consider that to be a “good” year or a “bad” year?


My spiritual journey in 2014 has made me even more aware of how our thoughts control our lives and all of the situations we’re faced with each day.  The overall lesson I learned will provide me with my “best” year, EVERY year from this point forward.  You see, when looking back at each event of 2014, it becomes clear to me that my happiness had little to do with what actually happened in my life, and everything to do with how I decided to accept each experience.   Let me give you some examples.


After living our lives practicing one religion, then changing to something dramatically different, we found ourselves distanced from the church family that we’d known for over 30 years and some of our friends and family members as well.  On the flip side of that, we have met the most wonderful, loving and giving people since joining our new spiritual path – and now I can’t imagine our lives without them.  Walking away from a job is never easy, whether it’s been 35 years or 6 months.  And, when you feel pulled in several directions at once, unsure of which direction to take, fear can begin to overtake your life.  With our job changes, we were each able to learn so much about ourselves while becoming stronger, more self-reliant and self-assured.  It’s been both a liberating and exciting experience. 


For it’s not about how powerful we can be, but how compassionate.  Not about how much money we earn, but how we choose to spend it.  Not about how financially well off we are, but how we identify those things that truly make us rich.  Not about how many people love us, but how much love we can give to those around us.  And, it’s not about how many times we struggle, but how we view these struggles as lessons to enrich our consciousness and supply us with the tools we need to move forward in our lives, while being there to support others who are encountering the same challenging circumstances.


Each one of us is a spark of light, which collectively makes up the divine universe.  We must stop thinking of ourselves as specs of matter that are simply drifting through life without input as to the directions we choose or the destinations that lie ahead.  In reality, we have everything we need to manifest the life we choose to have. 


While we are on this planet, living in a world with limits, boundaries, and dichotomies, it’s often difficult to understand that our spirit not only charted out this journey we’re on, but is fully capable of manifesting any and all circumstances we encounter along the way.   There are no limits to what the universe can do, and therefore, no limits to what path we determine to take in life.  None of this happens by accident, however.  We have to do our part to get the ball rolling. 


God has given us, through his boundless love, the ability to create our own life here on Earth.  Everything you have and everything you experience is a direct product of your thoughts and actions.   We wouldn’t second guess the ability of God to manifest change of any sort – would we?  No, because we see God as being all powerful, limitless and all knowing. Well, along that same vein, we have been gifted with the ability to manifest change as well.  We are bundles of energy, packaged up in a physical form, and by directing that energy in an appropriate way, we can steer our lives down a path that will be rewarding and exciting.


So, what it is that you’re seeking?  What would make your life complete?  What is your soul yearning for?  Take time to reflect on what your soul needs to feel complete and then begin to set things in motion.  You can’t dial a phone without pushing some buttons, so don’t sit still and expect the world to come to you.  When challenges arise along the way, and they always do, train yourself to extract the good from each situation and energetically you’ll find more good will be drawn to you.   


As I stated earlier, it’s about perspective.  We can choose to always selectively see the downside to each and every event in our life, or we can resolve to dig deeper, and find the good that results from our struggles.  I can’t speak for you, but I choose to be happy, positive and focused on tackling the next big life adventure with a smile on my face and a spring in my step.  Trust me… makes every day and every situation so much more enjoyable!


It’s your turn now!  Look back at 2014 and decide which story you’ll tell.  Many blessings to you and yours in 2015!!





January 7, 2015

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