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Thinking with the Heart
by Susan deCaussin


What are you passionate about?  Most people struggle, trying to determine their calling - which career to pursue – what direction to take. We’re all good at many things, but some really draw us in, because we’re attracted to them at a soul level.

How many of you have wondered, at some point, whether you’re on the right path? Are you doing what you’re truly passionate about? If not, why not? I’d venture to say that most people believe that doing what you enjoy is reserved for the times when you’re not at work. Right? These people end up in a constant battle to find a job that they can tolerate, while still having time to squeeze in those things that really make them happy and feed their souls.

Wayne Dyer said, “Love what you do: Do what you love”.

Confucius said, “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”.

Oscar Wilde said, “When you do what you love, the Universe conspires on your behalf”.

So many quotes, from so many enlightened individuals, point toward the same thing – by committing your life to what you truly love, you’ll have happiness, success and contentment. There’s only one problem with that. Since childhood, we’ve been led to believe that work isn’t supposed to be fun. It’s an obligation whose end goal is to keep food on the table and a roof over our heads.

I believe that the true struggle begins with the contrast between thinking with the mind and thinking with the heart. I’ve heard the term “thinking with the heart” for years, but only recently have I been able to understand this at a much deeper level. I couldn’t understand how our heart, which is based on emotion rather than reason, could provide clear guidance…until now.

Thoughts and emotions are both energetic, and affect our vibrational frequency. Good thoughts and emotions raise our vibration and negative ones lower it. When it comes to manifestation, many people lose faith in the process after repeating the same affirmations day in and day out, without seeing any changes. What they don’t realize is that without connecting the emotions of abundance and success, the words become shallow and powerless.  

Now, I consider “thinking with the heart” to mean moving toward the things that ignite passion in me.  Because, when we’re passionate about what we do, we not only do it well, we satisfy our soul’s desire and discover our life’s calling.

Perhaps it’s time to ask yourself, “If I could spend my days doing the things that I love, what would those days look like? And, what would they feel like?”  If you don’t have an answer, how do you expect the Universe to know what you want?

It starts by reflecting inward and noticing what draws you in. What ignites your passion? This is something that only you can answer. Once you figure it out, begin to bring it into reality by visualizing yourself already doing what you love, while feeling the emotional high that comes with it.  Change your mindset and erase the line between working and playing. Visualize a life where what you do each day fulfills your needs at all levels – financial, emotional and spiritual.

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