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The Super Hero Within
by Susan deCaussin


There are so many movies about Super Heroes these days. Why do we like them so much? Perhaps it’s because they’re fearless. Or, that they’re always in seek of truth and justice. Maybe it’s because they always seem to come to the rescue of those in distress. And, they’re always able to control any situation by tapping into their super powers.

Well, I’m here to tell you that we each have a super hero inside of us, without even realizing it. How can this be true? Let’s break down the qualities of a super hero to understand this at a deeper level.

Remember, Super Heroes are fearless, right?  Creating fear within yourself is a choice.  While it’s true that fear can be a natural reaction to physical danger, the fear that I’m talking about is self-created, such as the fear of rejection, the fear of the future, fear of death or not being loved or trusted. FEAR - False Evidence Appearing Real. It shuts us down, leaves us unable to move forward, and incapable of expressing love and embracing the beauty of the world around us. However, when we have faith, fear simply cannot exist. Faith is knowing that we are all spirits having a physical experience and, at all times, we are divinely protected and safe. You cannot have both. Faith or Fear - you have the power to choose.

Then, there’s the action of seeking truth and justice.  Truth – Universal Truth - applies to ALL people. Wikipedia says: “Universal Truth is a statement which corresponds to reality, regardless of time and space.” When you accept the fact that we are all created equal, and open yourself to deeply understanding Universal Law, as it applies to the mysteries of life, you can begin to see yourself as a seeker of truth and justice. So, now you can begin to view yourself as a fearless truth seeker.

Next, Super Heroes are always rescuing those in distress. This, is also a choice. There are more ways to reach out and rescue others than there are stars in the sky. No matter what your current lot is in life or what your skill-set, there’s always a way to help another in their time of need.

So, let’s see, what’s left? Oh, right! Being able to control any situation by tapping into super powers! The greatest power EVER is LOVE.  We are, not only, a product of love, we are beacons of love as well. We can choose to lock it up, deep inside, or we can share it, by letting it expand out, from the core of our being, to all of those we interact with each and every day. Love is the most transformative power there is. It can heal our body, mind and spirit with its energy, making IT the ultimate super power.

So, there it is! You may not have realized it, but you are a Super Hero with the ability to fearlessly seek truth & justice, coming to the rescue of those in distress by tapping into your super power of LOVE.

Just knowing that, doesn’t it make you want to sit up a little straighter and puff your chest out a bit? It should. Each of us has the power to affect amazing change in the world, if only we would acknowledge our own strengths and look outside of ourselves to connect with those around us.

As spring is blooming and a rebirth is taking place, why not allow a new you to emerge? You are a brushstroke of the Creator of all being - capable of transforming even the darkest moments into bright, loving ones. It’s time to embrace your power.

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