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The Healer Within
by Susan deCaussin


What comes to mind when you hear the word “healer”?  Most people think of those in medical careers such as doctors, nurses, practitioners and the like. However, what many don’t realize is that, we each have a healer within us. Using our thoughts, words and actions, we ALL have the power to provide healing to those around us. Although everyone is capable, you must make a conscious decision to reach out to others in order to make it happen.

I believe that when our souls were blessed with the opportunity to have this human experience, we were placed here, along with everyone else, so that we would could support each other along the way. We don’t live in a vacuum for a reason. Everything we do and say, not only affects our life path, but the lives of those we interact with as well.

If life were only about getting from A to B, we could have been dropped into a maze and instructed to find our way out.  We’re here together for a purpose.

When we reach out to others as healers, the blessings go both ways. Each time we brighten someone’s day, help them through a difficult time, or provide words of comfort and support, we indirectly learn life lessons, without having to experience them for ourselves. It’s like when somebody asks you, “Have you ever had that happen to you?”,  and you reply, “No, but I helped someone through something similar, and I understand what you need to do.” In those situations, your offer to help another, provides you with important lessons as well.

You know the saying, “You can’t judge a book by its cover”?  I find that statement to be so true when you think about all of the people in your life. Although many people may appear to be happy, confident and fortunate, in every sense of the word, upon a closer look you begin to see the real struggles and issues that they deal with every day. You learn how their life experiences have shaped them into the people that they are, and you see them in an entirely different light.

We pass by people, all of the time, that are struggling with physical, mental and emotional problems, without even realizing it.  Our actions, words and thoughts can powerfully affect those around us. We have a choice as to whether or not we want to play a part in the healing process of others. By being that positive, loving influence, you’re exercising the healer within and taking a front seat to a learning opportunity for yourself as well.

So, will you consciously choose to become a healer? Are you ready to set aside any prejudices of others in order to offer healing support? Can you look beyond the cover of the book, to read the story within?

You never know when your words or actions may mean the difference between someone feeling loved and respected or feeling abandoned and scared. By unconditionally extending kindness and assistance to others, you become a true healer, literally capable of changing lives. It’s our ability to come through adversity that builds our strength, resilience and wisdom.  When you accept that we all struggle from time to time, it’s easy to see that there’s a definite need for healers.

There’s a healer in you.

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Susan deCaussin, CHt & Mike deCaussin

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