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Mike deCaussin, Cert. Clinical Reflexologist, explains the process & benefits of Reflexology.

What is

Clinical Reflexology?

   Your body is an intricate web of systems that are energetically connected to each other.  Predefined pressure points in the hands and feet are believed to connect directly through the nervous system to affect organs and glands of the body. Reflexology, which can be administered on the hands or the feet, uses those pressure points to assist in releasing blocks and allowing the process of healing to take place.


   The history of this science is believed to date back to Egyptian time, 2330 BC, when drawings were etched on the tombs of ancient Egyptian Kings which showed them receiving work on their hands and feet.  In 1913, Dr. William FitzGerald, MD, rediscovered zone therapy and found that applying pressure to certain reflex points helped the corresponding body organs function more normally. The practice became known as Reflexology and is used as an holistic approach to maintaining good health.

   While there are many different techniques being practiced, the many benefits of Reflexology are common across the board. It's been shown to increase circulation, relieve stress, reduce inflammation, assist in detoxification, improves nerve function, relieves pain, aids in digestive disorders and promotes overall well-being by balancing the systems within the body.

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   Appropriate stimulation of the reflexes can promote healing of nerves in the body and encourage increased blood flow to the affected area. In this way, the body can experience pain relief and accelerated healing.   In the same way that massage therapy removes lactic acid from muscle tissue, which aids in the removal of toxins, Reflexology helps to remove uric acid and other toxins from major organs.


   Results from Reflexology treatments are subtle and cumulative. Routine sessions have been shown to promote a state of well-being for the mind and body and are a great way of contributing to your overall quality of health.

Our Clinical Reflexologist, Mike deCaussin, received his training at the prestigious Branch Reflexology School in Okemos, Michigan.  Their exclusive training program incorporates the emotional ties to the reflexes, in addition to the physical aspects, making this method unique and highly sought after.   Mike is also an accomplished Reiki Master, a Shiva Murti (Balinese Healing) Practitioner and a former Firefighter/EMT. His in-depth knowledge of the human anatomy, coupled with a strong connection to Universal energy, offers his clients a powerful healing experience.


   Daytime, evening and weekend appointments are available. 

For more information, or to schedule a session, call (248) 759-6486.

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Susan deCaussin, CHt & Mike deCaussin

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