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Choosing Your Reality

By Susan deCaussin


There’s so much concern over the state of the world today.  Countless forms of media are continuously throwing it up in our faces, sensationalizing all of the details along the way.  This can cause many to feel helpless and overwhelmed with sadness. Is the world spinning out of control?  Are we destined, as the media suggests, to see the end of time?

Some may say yes, because they are so tuned in to this way of thinking, they’ve lost sight of an alternate reality. But here’s the truth:  Our reality is nothing more than a manifestation of what we believe it to be.  These are powerful words with deep significance, so I’ll repeat them again: Our reality is nothing more than a manifestation of what we believe it to be.

After spending the better part of the last 15 years avoiding news reports and controversy, choosing to turn away from any negative media, even at the level of recreational social media sites, my life has been changed dramatically for the better.  I had originally adopted the belief system that good and bad exist in this world simultaneously, and my choice to ignore the negative stuff was simply affecting me and nobody else. I saw it as a personal decision to look the other way, believing that the bad will always exist and the only other option was to place blinders on. 

I’ve been told that by choosing to steer away from the daily news, I’m sticking my head in the sand. How could I possibly be a part of the solution if I’m not accepting the random, cruel acts of others to affect my perception of the world. To that I say, “Give your attention to that which you want more of”. 

When you turn on the evening news, you’re inviting and expecting to have turmoil presented to you.  Those expectations then alter your belief system (I expect it, so I believe it), and the Universe answers by causing this “reality” to occur.  Doing this daily, sets up a repeating pattern, and more events manifest to support your belief system.

On the other hand, when you’re headed to a fun event, or down a joyful life path, that you fully expect to be wonderful and uplifting, you also alter your belief system to coincide with that thought and, once again, the Universe assists in making this reality occur.

Could it be possible that we’re already living in perfection and by using our option to bring about what we think about, we are creating alternate realities, without even consciously knowing it?  If this is true, then two things come to mind: First, we have the ultimate control to select the circumstances surrounding our life by directing our thoughts to that which we determine to be most desirable; and second, if everyone were able to do this, all traces of adversity would vanish, turning the world into an oasis of love and light.

That said, we each have to look deep inside of our own personal belief systems to determine whether we are contributing to the light in the world or the darkness.  This is an opportunity to “be what you want to see in the world”.

Everything around us, from the physical to the emotional, is only present because of manifestation.  I’m not able to control the thoughts and belief systems of others, as you are unable to control mine.  However, it’s not by accident that we’re all having this human experience at the same time.  Our choices affect more than our own personal state of being. Collectively, we have the ability to affect global change at a level we can’t even comprehend.

By choosing to see the light ….you ARE the light.  By choosing to see the good in the world…. the world IS good. Place your focus on goodness, light & love. Accept THIS as your reality, and IT WILL BE. The dark doesn’t exist unless we choose to believe it does.  It’s there if you look for it, since the act of looking for it will manifest it into existence. So, is the world coming to an end??  That all depends upon what you THINK!

Expectations alter your belief system.  Your belief system drives your every thought.  Your thoughts will bring about the reality you live in.  Surround yourself with goodness and expect more of the same.

Copyright 2016

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Susan deCaussin, CHt & Mike deCaussin

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