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Bringing About Peace

by Susan deCaussin


It may appear that, everywhere we look, aggression is on the rise.  Hate is hate – whether it be in the mind of a gunman or the words of those condemning his actions.  It’s all negative energy that affects the overall health of this planet and all who live here.

Although you may feel powerless to affect change, each of us really can play a role in bringing about peace.  First, let’s start by understanding our relationship to one another.

We are ALL interconnected, regardless of our perceived differences.  Every soul is a spark of the Divine energy and light that we call Infinite Intelligence or God.  And, who amongst us can differentiate one spark of light from the next?  It’s simply not possible.

Dividing anything up into parts, no matter how small, you still end up with the same “thing”, just in smaller pieces. In this case, the “thing” is the Universe and each one of us is a tiny increment of it.

For just a moment, think about the greatest love in your life.  It could be the love of a parent, a life partner, your child, a dear friend or even the love of a pet.  Love is Love, regardless of who or what is the subject of the emotion.

Now, imagine what it would be like to extend that same level of respect, admiration and care to every single soul on this planet.  If you truly believe that we are small sparks of the Divine Universe, then how could you ever consider treating someone differently than your “greatest love” in life?  That would be like cutting off your grandmother with your car while driving on the freeway, right? 

The word “Peace”, in my opinion, is greatly overused. While we think of peace as our ability, or choice, to not act in a negative or destructive way, it actually means so much more than that. Peace requires action, not simply a lack of action. 

So, how can we create peace in the world around us if it’s more than just choosing not to be involved in violent or destructive behavior?

Every single day we interact with people, everywhere we are.  With that in mind, I want you to remember the last time that someone went out of their way to provide you with a smile, a cheerful greeting, offered assistance in some way, or shared some kind of comforting words.  Did it take you by surprise? Perhaps it put a smile on your face and really changed your attitude.  We can all find easy ways to snap others out of the trance of daily life and bring them joy. I’ve been doing this for years and I’ll tell you that it takes only seconds to change someone’s attitude and brighten their day. 

Random acts of kindness will inspire others to do the same.  Imagine if every person that you positively affected each day, was able to extend kindness to several others, just because you cared enough to brighten that moment. 

You may say, “Sure, but how can this impact the state of the world?”

Well, everything is made up of particles of energy. Whether living or not, all energy affects everything it comes in contact with.  Although we can’t directly control the thoughts and actions of others, we can consciously decide to change our own frequency, which will affect the energetic flow of the world around us.

We each have an energy field that naturally overlaps and blends with the energy of those who are around us.  When this happens, vibrational changes occur.  Like a wave of water hitting an object, the energy changes in intensity, direction and strength when influenced by an outside source.  Knowing this to be true, it’s easy to see how one person can shift the energy of an entire room of people. Similar to Divine Healing Energy, which can be literally be sent across the miles to anyone in the world, our use of positive prayer, affirmations and uplifting thoughts can create positive changes in the vibration of the planet. 

Are you willing to treat each soul on this planet as the greatest love you’ve ever known?  One person CAN make a difference and Peace really does begin with YOU.

Copyright 2016

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Susan deCaussin, CHt & Mike deCaussin

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