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Beyond our Senses

by Susan deCaussin


Energy isn’t created and cannot end.  It’s in us, around us and a part of everything that IS.  The same way a glove on a table becomes animated when placed on our hand, our souls animate our physical bodies when our life is created in birth.  Like the small seed that sprouts a blade of grass, the seed of life within us magically carries the instruction booklet necessary to cause every cell to evolve into the amazing piece of machinery that becomes our outer garment while we explore this playground we call earth as a physical being.  Learning, loving and growing in spirit, as our adventure in these mortal bodies follows the winding path of what we refer to as “life”.

When our suit of armor, the vessel that carries our soul through this physical experience, has become tattered, torn and is no longer able to repair itself, as is written in that first chapter of the instruction booklet, our essence is released.  The energy that IS who we REALLY are returns to a higher state of being – a vibration that exceeds an earthly interpretation, and can only be recognized by those souls who are sensitive to that elevated state of consciousness. 

Physical existence, for most, places the soul into a temporary state of slumber.  It leads our minds to believe that the only things that are REAL are those that can be measured or detected by our 5 senses.  These sensors provide a comforting boundary for us as we navigate through the challenging scenarios that we, ourselves, purposely wrote into our life story before we even entered our earthbound vessels. 

The tremendous noise of this earthly existence has clouded our thoughts, and most have become so engrossed with the experiences of their body’s senses that they’ve become firmly rooted in this physical encounter, like being seated in a comfortable reclining chair, disinterested in the mere thought of venturing out to see what lies beyond the five senses.

When we lose sight of the flawless soul within us, and close our minds to the possibility of something beyond the physical world, we begin to see life as a continuous struggle.  It appears that we are each being punished for some unforgiveable deed by an unseen force.  Fear creeps in and slowly becomes the driving force to all of our decisions. Greed, as a byproduct of that fearful state, is inevitable, as we believe that we have only one shot to achieve all that we feel deserving of, before our time here is over.  Organized religion is used as a pacifier to console the fearful thought that this is all there is.  We struggle to identify someone, or something, that has power beyond our own, to provide comfort in desperate situations and a safe harbor as our physical body reaches a point of ceasing to heal itself any longer.

Never lose sight of the fact that the 5 senses are only “available options” on this outer garment we animate during our journey here on earth.  We never lose our true essence while we inhabit this training ground we call life. 

There are souls among us that have been sent here to assist in rediscovering our connection to each other and the universal life force that goes by so many different names.  They are here to remind us, through their teachings, examples and guidance, that the boundaries around us are self-imposed. Now is the time for mankind to awake from the state of slumber that has instilled fear, greed, jealousy, contempt and so many other unsettling emotions to take control of us.  We must, instead, take steps to quiet ourselves and reconnect with the source of all being so that we can find inner peace and remind ourselves that energy never dissipates, and therefore “life”, as we know it, never ceases to exist. 

This is an exciting time to be on this plane.  The teachings of many enlightened ones are available for all to reawaken their souls and heal this planet.  Let us all be open to looking beyond our senses in order to rediscover the truth that lies within.  Honor those who are amongst us to teach these principles.  Welcome those who are being sent here to guide our next generation.  Spread joy by allowing others to witness your inner peace through the choices you make in life.  We determine our happiness and unhappiness by choosing how we react to the situations contained in every single moment of each passing day. Make a conscious decision to bring all actions and reactions from a place of true love and your shift will positively elevate the energy and consciousness of everyone.

Copyright 2016

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Susan deCaussin, CHt & Mike deCaussin

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