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Affecting Positive Change



Every moment of every day we are faced with choices.  What to eat, what to do, who to interact with, etc.  And, whether we realize it or not, we are always given a choice, in every single situation, as to how we choose to react to the world around us.  Although most of us don’t ever consciously think about this, it’s the basis for all that is yet to come in our lives.  You see, staying with the mindset of “what we think about, we bring about” and “thoughts become things”, we must always acknowledge the fact that we are creators in our own right.  Not unlike a generator, we pump out energetic waves with each thought, reaction and response we have to everything we’re exposed to in every single moment.  Since each action creates a reaction, we must learn to take ownership for the frequency of energy we are contributing to the world around us. 

Everything has a vibrational level. Whether you’re talking about something dense, like a rock, or something flowing, like water, every single thing is made of up moving particles.  Because of that, the world’s vibration is based on the overall, collective vibration of everything within it.  While the vibration of a rock remains consistent, we are always fluctuating according to our state of being.  Joy, happiness and love all vibrate at a high level, whereas sadness, hate and anger can instantly diminish the energy around us.  Negativity of any sort – whether it be by thought or by action – immediately pulls our vibration down and places us in a position of drawing more of the same into our lives.  This can trap us in a seemingly unending loop of, what some would call, bad luck!

When we begin to understand the dynamics of vibrational energy and can clearly see how our thoughts and actions play a part, we can then make the adjustments we need to come into greater alignment with the highest and best.  This is particularly true when we examine the current state of the world.

Many people are feeling defeated by the anger and violence around them and resign themselves to thinking that they, as one person, could never have enough influence to affect a positive change. But what they don’t see is that, not unlike the branches of a tree, we are all interconnected through a powerful life force.  When one person shifts their perspective and begins to radiate gratitude, love and joy, it sets off a wave of energy that travels out amongst us all.  And, the most beautiful part of this is that we don’t even have to be with another person to affect a change.  Like sound traveling along a phone line, our vibration affects everyone and everything it contacts, which then changes the frequency of what they’re putting out.  That change then travels around the planet, not unlike having a carefully placed row of dominos tumble over, one at a time.

With this to be true, each of us should feel comfort in knowing that we are powerful beings.  We are not only able to affect world change by choosing to react from a place of love and gratitude, but we can attract more of the same into our lives through the natural law of attraction – like attracts like.  Like a boomerang, the energy we send out into the world brings more of the same back to us.  And, as energetic beings, living at a level of high vibration empowers our physical bodies with the ability to work at an optimal level and achieve a state of well-being.

So, the next time you witness anger, violence and negativity of any sort, fuel your internal generator with positivity.  Raise the energy in that moment with loving thoughts, healing words and caring actions. You’ll change that moment for the better, and help contribute to elevating the overall vibrational energy of the planet and all who reside here.  It all starts with you.  How will you affect a positive change?






Nov 2016

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