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Clarity Comes Out of the Calm



Are you trying to find your direction in life?  Unhappy with your current situation and looking for the next adventure?  It can feel overwhelming when you try to figure out how to reach your goals and there's no road map to show the way.


Many people are becoming familiar with the process of manifestation, as described in the book The Secret and taught in many self-help seminars.  It's based on the concept that thoughts become things, saying that we bring about what we think about.  Some of the tools used in this process include:  changing your mindset; showing gratitude; using visualization; repeating affirmations; and, adopting an overall positive attitude.  


While it's true that thoughts become things and we manifest our own reality, what most people don't understand is that there's one final step to the process that must be taken. Without this step, nothing will move forward.


The Universe will initiate the process of bringing about what you desire by placing opportunities, people and situations along your life path.  This is true!  However, no matter how many positive thoughts you think; affirmations you repeat; gratitude you show; and how worthy you feel  ..... nothing will happen unless you start to TAKE ACTION.


No matter what, you MUST get up and start moving in order to get the process started.  So you say, "But how will I know which direction to take?"   The key to this is in quieting your mind and paying attention.  Sounds too easy, right?  Well, it is easy, but it definitely takes some discipline.   


Each and every day, make a conscious decision to have quiet time.  Meditation is great, but if you're not practiced at that, there are many other ways to incorporate silence into your routine:  turn the car radio off during your daily commute; shut off the television and light a candle;  listen to some soft music; sit outside and listen to the sounds of nature; or, go for a bike ride.   Do whatever you can to release the mind of the past and future in order to be fully present in the moment.  It's simply amazing how many ideas will begin to flow.


With each passing day, you'll become more and more aware of subtle events that will create opportunities for new and exciting things to enter your life.  As you continue to follow the process of manifesting the life you desire using the Law of Attraction, you'll start to notice the Universe placing individuals and opportunities in front of you that you never noticed before.  It's up to you to be alert and watch for the signs...and then ACT!  


So take the time to visualize your dreams, show gratitude, create affirmations, maintain a positive outlook, quiet your mind, pay attention, and most importantly, TAKE ACTION. Remember that Clarity Comes Out of the Calm.  Now, go ahead and grab the steering wheel to your life and start moving toward your goals.  .Follow your heart.






August 25, 2015


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