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Your Most Valuable Possession



What is your most valuable possession?  To answer this question, you need to determine what true "value" really is. One might argue that value equals monetary worth.  But does it really?


Would winning the lottery solve all of life's problems?  Off the cuff, we might be tempted to answer yes, however money can't eliminate all of life's challenges.  It can, in fact, be the cause of additional problems.  


So many people who have an abundance of money find themselves empty and unhappy, while others who live without financial security seem to be fueled with an enviable passion and zest for life. 


When you attempt to identify your most valuable gifts in life, a deeper look reveals another item that is of such importance, no dollar amount, no precious metal and no amount of investments could ever come close to matching.  


What is the one thing that we can possess that is free to everyone, has the power to take away all sadness, heals our emotional scars and grows when we give it to others?  Simply put, it's love.


The most amazing thing is that, unlike all other wordly possessions, the more love you give to others, the more you have.  It just seems to multiply spontaneously with each loving gesture and thought.


The next time you are out in the world, take the time to step outside of the shell that we tend to build up around us, remove the blinders and reach out to others with loving gestures of kindness.  It doesn't need to be a difficult or costly endeavor.  Whether it's holding a door, allowing someone to merge into your lane with a smile and a wave, or providing a shopping cart to the person behind you at the grocery store entrance, these are simple acts that will magnify the love and joy inside of you while infusing the same wonderful values in others.  Without knowing it, your actions will inspre everyone you interact with to mirror your kindness through their own behavior.    


When we cross over, and leave this world behind, what's truly important are the things we can hold in our hearts and not in our hands.  So stop trying to collect things that belong to this dimension and fill your lives with the joy of spreading and sharing love with others. These are the treasures that we take with us and, in fact, these are the treasures that indeed make us rich.


When it comes to creating more peace in this world....think globally and act locally.  Share love - your most valuable posession - with everyone you meet throughout the day and the rewards will be endless.


It does have some side affects though....such as uncontrollable smiling, a warm, glowing feeling that comes from within and occasional giggling. Tee hee!






June 20,  2014

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