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Susan deCaussin, Mike deCaussin, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Siwa Murti, Reiki, Reflexology, Spiritual Guidance

EMRI Event - May 19, 2022

Vendor Listing:

Mike and Susan deCaussin – Healing Methods, LLC. Mike and Susan will be demonstrating Siwa Murti Balinese Healing. Mike will be offering mini foot reflexology sessions and Susan will share information on the benefits of Hypnotherapy. To schedule, call 248-759-6486.

Debbie Brolley – Centropix Wellness Products. A collection of products that not only blocks harmful 5G, EMF, and RFID radiation, but actually converts their harmful emission and dirty electricity into neutral frequencies. for all living organisms. This technology is a three-product approach for personal, home and environmental space. To schedule a 15 minute Centropix Kloud session call 248-930-0864.

Tamara Jordan – Tamara will be selling individual and packaged organic cookies. To order in advance, call 248-820-8220.

Debbie Garcia – Scalar 4 Health. Scalar energy products are known for offering EMF and 5G protection for the home and the body. 

Kelly Klann – Intuitive Health Restoration – Kelly is a Cranial Sacral Practitioner and RN. She incorporates “tuning forks'' into her body balancing work. To schedule a session, call 313-570-9114.


Julie Skene – Julie will be offering mini Pranic Healing sessions.  To schedule, call 248-417-0591.

Rhonda Sousley – Innovative Medicine. Rhonda holds a PhD in acupuncture. She will be offering mini-acupuncture treatments. To schedule, call 248-982-7370.

Ascension Healing Arts Center will be offering intuitive readings, Reiki, aura sprays, flower essences, chakra clearing, crystal bracelets, mediumship readings, and oracle cards. To schedule a mini-session call 888-824-1970.

Nirbhaya Sobie – Nirbhaya will be offering visceral manipulation therapy. To schedule a mini-session call 248-462-4765.

Jenn Sonquist – Norwex, Beauty Counter and Fresh Light - products will be available for purchase.

Lisa Johnson, Artist - Lisa’s artwork will be on display and available for purchase.

Terrence Bracken – Terry has an extensive background in the areas of Mental Health and Well-Being and will be providing literature on the subjects of Health and wellness.

Dr. Lawrence Bell D.C.  will be offering Network Spinal Analysis sessions and high impact nutritional products. To schedule a session, call 248-266-8035.

Cindy Hawthorne will be presenting information on colon-hydrotherapy, ozone therapy and nutritional guidance.

Mike Whitty PhD will be present to provide information on Futuristic Energy Medicine modalities for physical. Spiritual, economical and environmental wellbeing. Call him at 248-723-0105

David Zimmerman will have an assortment of books and literature for purchase.You can contact him at 248-840-0917.


John Kuhn, photographer, will have framed photographs for display and sale. To contact him in advance, call Landon, 248-672-2112.


Elizabeth Kincaid, will have assorted artwork and jewelry available for purchase. Contact Elizabeth at 616-212-9878 or for special orders.

Kathryn Conlen  - Young Living Oils. Contact Sandra Conlen for information 248-917-1148.

Healing Methods ®

Susan deCaussin, CHt & Mike deCaussin

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