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What is Shiva Murti?

Susan and Mike deCaussin became trained in the healing art of Shiva Murti in 2019 - a form of energy healing which originated in Bali, Indonesia.  It’s relatively new to our country, and they were the pioneering couple who introduced this practice to the state of Michigan.  Having gradated from the Shiva Murti Healing Academy in Los Angeles, California, they are part of an elite group in the U.S. who have been trained in this modality. 

Shiva Murti is featured in a documentary on Gaia television entitled “6th Floor: Expanding Possibility”.  Candace Silvers, owner of a lifestyle coaching firm in Los Angeles, spent many years traveling the world, exploring the lesser known ancient energy healing methods.

During that time, Ms. Silvers became trained to practice, and then teach, Shiva Murti by Master Teacher, Dr. Ratu Nabe, in Bali, and has been offering healings in the LA area for several years now.  In 2016, Ms. Silvers founded the Shiva Murti Healing Academy, which is the first of its kind in America.  

Our class - the second group to graduate from the Academy  - continued our studies in a Balinese Hospital with Dr. Ratu Nabe, when we traveled to Indonesia in early 2020.  We are excited to offer this powerful healing modality through Healing Methods!  Until the "stay at home" order has been lifted, we've been offering these sessions using online video apps. When we are back in our Troy office, we'll be able to provide hands-on, full-body sessions.  We have personally witnessed patients who, after being treated, are now testing NED (No Evidence of Disease) from various strains of cancer as well as those who have experienced full healings following life altering injuries using the Shiva Murti Healing techniques.

The 2019 graduates of the Shiva Murti Healing Academy.

A testimonial regarding the power of Shiva Murti Healing:  


I met Susan at a retreat in Sedona. I had mentioned to her that I had fell at work several months back and that I was still having severe pain in my lower back, hip, even after months of physical therapy and a couple of steroid injections. I was headed to the airport, and only had a minute to spare, when Susan offered to see if she could help with my pain. She had me sit in a chair, close my hands and went to work for only a few moments. She told me to let her know when I started my feel anything. About a minute in, I started experiencing muscle twitching and spasms. The degree of it continued to increase substantially. I saw (with my eyes closed) inside of me what looked like a light of energy being drawn from my hip. The energy release was so intense that that it was released out as an intense shock from my hip to her hands, that were about a foot away from me. I had no pain in that area for two days in only a total of only 3 minutes of work. I can’t imagine how amazing and quick I could heal and have energy released, if I could have see Susan for a full session. Unfortunately for me, she is in Michigan and I am in Missouri. Thank you Susan for the work that you do and how connected you are to the life force energy.

The western world is only beginning to understand the benefits of energy medicine. As these modalities are closely studied, and physiological changes are being documented using mainstream diagnostic testing,  treatment options are expanding for those in need of healing. 


Candace Silvers, the founder of the Academy, says, “The same way that every home has a computer, every home should also have a healer”, and I couldn’t agree more! In addition to offering healings, my husband, Mike, and I hope to inspire more healers to consider becoming trained and initiated into the healing art of Shiva Murti. 

Ms. Candace Silvers performing a healing session at a Shiva Murti Complementary Healing Event in Los Angeles.

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